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Sorry for the delay … But the “Addicted to You” music video is coming out soon!!!! #seoulfulep #etikid #newmusic #dystinktbeats @dystinktbeats #yeg #hiphop

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i11evn - Contro11


Warning: Not suited for minors.

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"Give you 1 million? Amoeba Culture, Kiss my Ass"

- E-Sens, You Can’t Control Me

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Do you know any artist that are similar to ZICO, i11evn, Primary? Or a rapper that speed raps? :D

Similar to Zico and i11evn? mm i might have a few… you should try checking Damiano out, he’s a new rapper in the scene but is a force to be reckoned with…Here’s his latest track


Fatdoo is quite a good rapper too, idk if you’ll like his style of rapping though… he’s more of a storyteller with deep and symbolic lyrics…


You should also check out NuttyVerse, this is one of his best songs… he’s a master of trades who is skilled at all areas of rap, he also has quite a fast rapping style in some of his songs… He likens 화나 (Fana) in terms of his flow and delivery in relation to his speed…


Speaking of Fana, here’s one of his songs, check him out if you haven’t already heard him… 


You can also try Fame-J, he’s more of a lyrical rapper and doesn’t go for speed when delivering his deep and meaningful words..


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Damn..Scary’P totally murdered with this beat… he really did his thing, it sounds so good!!! like omg… plus the female vocals really suit the whole vibe and feel of the song perfectly!!! Give it a listen, great feel good track… perfect for a summer day and a cruise down the highway!

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Another one of my fav tracks off Hi-Life… holy fuck… this beat is just fucking insane… that gated synth really makes this comp unique, i haven’t heard any gated synth in any rap/hip hop track in a fucking long time…. glad to see that they’re bringing it back into the scene….as for the rapping, once again… i have no words… i’ll let reddy, b-free and evo speak for themselves on this track… seriously a fucking amazing track….

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I seriously have no words to describe this track….. all i can say is… give it a listen and you’ll see why i’ve been left speechless…..